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Smiles & Faces magazines and newspapers for dentists, orthodontists, beauty and aesthetic therapists are designed, created, edited and produced by Lush Design.

Lush Design (subsidiary of Lush Marketing Limited) is a design agency comprising of talented individuals including professional marketing executives, graphic designers, web developers, PR gurus, orthodontists, doctors, journalists and creative writers. Each member of the team brings their own skill set, experience and wisdom to provide services including magazine design, website creation, logo design and on screen media advertising. You can have your own dental, orthodontic, beauty or bespoke magazine or newspaer, personalised for your business.

The concept behind the Smiles & Faces magazine and newspaper range was realised by publisher and editor-in-chief, Dr Peter Ilori. As a highly respected orthodontist himself with practices in the United Kingdom, he realised the need for a ‘complete patient education tool’ which not only informed current and potential patients but enticed them to self-refer to his clinics for the fulfilment of their specific needs. This is why it was important to produce a range of magazines that stood out from the run of the mill flyers and welcome packs. The content needed to be fresh, understandable and easy for the reader, child or adult, to digest.

Smiles & Faces magazines and newspapers consolidate and improve on existing and archaic marketing methods whilst introducing innovative promotional strategies. Articles are lifestyle related, educative, and informative all within a single professional document. This kind of magazine is essential for any forward thinking business.

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Dental magazine for promoting your practice, treatments and services to existing and potential clients. Fully customised for you!


Invisalign magazine for promoting your practice, treatments and services to existing and potential clients. Fully customised for you!


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Beauty magazine for promoting your clinic/spa, treatments and services to existing and potential clients. Fully customised for you!


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