Patient Magazines

Want your own patient magazines, designed to promote your clinic, treatments and services to existing and potential patients?

Each patient magazine is fully bespoke, personalised for you and your clinic and contains educative, informative articles with actionable reader friendly and motivational material. These patient magazines will increase referrals and raise your personal profile.

Patient orientated magazines (like Smiles & Faces) are proven to help your clinic achieve the following marketing objectives:

  • Act as a single document representing all patient products and services
  • Increase interest in products and services
  • Significantly increase patient sales
  • Develop new clinic contacts economically
  • Increase the visibility of any clinic by supporting its internet and other media presence

How to use a personalised bespoke patient magazine

The printed patient magazine replaces your patient leaflets and patient brochures, allowing you to distribute to new markets you couldn’t reach before including:

  • Homes in your local catchment area
  • General medical patients
  • Hospital waiting rooms
  • Existing and past patients
  • Schools/Colleges/Universities
  • Local libraries
  • Hotels
  • Sports centres and gyms
  • Golf centres and clubhouses
  • Beauty salons
  • Hairdressers
  • Spas
  • Car show rooms
  • Local businesses
  • Theatres/Cinemas
  • Cafés/Diners/Bars


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